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Just A Sample Real Estate Website Design

This site is just an example of how things can be laid out.

I have listed some properties from the Erie, PA area, as well as some from Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco, CA, Atlanta, GA. and Austin, TX.

Some properties shown were listed for sale or rent in 2019, others are just shown as examples, but the information displayed is mostly bogus and only serves as examples for display purposes. You will see what some will concider “Mistakes” thruout the site but please remember, many choices are set up for display only

A Few Distinct Features Too Many Options to List

  • If your business has more than 1 location/agency, They can be listed separately along with their agents and property listings. See Example Pg.
  • Clients can compare up to 4 properties. See Example Pg.
  • Clients can save their property searches to review later. See Example Pg.
  • Many ways to show property listings. See Example Pg.
  • Many ways to show a listing of your Agents. See Example Pg.
  • Many different types of property slide shows. See Example Pg.
  • Scrolling across the “Property Search” tab above shows several ways to layout a search form.
  • As you can see by looking at the sidebars in subsequent pages, one can search solely by Property Type, Status, City, State, Label, Features, and many others. Of course, using the “Advanced Searches” one can use all the relevant¬† criteria to narrow their search more quickly.

Many Ways to Display Property Lists Here Are Three




A Cool Way to Show Featured Properties

You Can Grab Images & Drag Back to Re-View Hover over images to stop slide show.